• L-R: H. Mashelemi, Callistus Ogoi, Martin Manuhwa, Mustafa B. Shehu, Hakim Elwaer, Martin Van Veelen, Bernard Ordams, Francis Happi.
  • FAEO Executive Members at a meeting with African Union Commission.
  • FAEO Executive Members outside African Union Building, Addis Ababa.



Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to the Website of the Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO).

The FAEO was founded in 1972 in Cairo, Egypt, then known as Federation of African Organisation of Engineers, FAOE. In 2012 however, at a General Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, it was renamed as Federation of African Engineering Organisations, FAEO so that it will take-over the activities and operations of the then FAOE as well as the African Engineers Forum, AEF. The objective achieved by this is to have one strong and active engineering body representing African Engineering Institutions at the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) as well as any other International body. Presently, it is the only Organisation representing African Engineering Institutions at WFEO. It has membership from the 5 regions in Africa (West, Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern) as well as national member Institutions.
The Secretariat of FAEO is being hosted in Abuja, Nigeria since May 2012.

The main objectiveof the Federation is to develop, in the spirit of African unity, direct relationship between its several member organizations on the basis of mutual understanding so that our activities may be fostered and directed to the greater public good through engineering education, innovation and practice. FAEO is poised to building engineering capacity of its members across the continent in order that our knowledge and skills could be used to improve quality of life of the African Citizens.

FAEO General Assembly

The 11th General Assembly of the Federation was held in Abuja on 4th November 2014 during the World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (WECSI 2014) at the National Engineering Centre, which is the Headquarters of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. A number of vital issues were discussed and resolved during the meeting. Some of the resolutions reached include:

a. Effort in establishing strong relationship with the African Union with the aim of offering advisory services on engineering and infrastructure development on the Continent should be intensified.
b. Efforts should be intensified in establishing strong relationship with other International Organisations like UNESCO, African Development Bank Group, Committee of Vice Chancellors and Deans of Faculties of Science, Engineering and Technology (COVIDSET), Royal Academy of Engineering, Engineers Against Poverty as well as SADC Working group.
c. Focus on achieving harmonization of engineering education amongst member countries as well as promotion of information exchange on current development in the field of engineering between teachers, researchers, students and practitioners.
d. Promote the development of standards, guidelines and care that could be used across the continent.
e. In line with the above, the Federation will promote recognition of Professional engineering Certificates in other member countries to enhance engineering mobility.
f. It was also resolved that FAEO will serve as vehicle to drive the "Abuja Declaration" that was signed in December 2013 between the WFEO and FAEO and aimed at the establishment active engineering Institutions in all African Countries.

At the end of the General Assembly, the following officers were elected to serve the Federation for the next two years:

1. Engr. Mustafa B. Shehu (Nigeria) - President
2. Eng. Julius M. Riungu (Kenya) - President-Elect
3. Ing. Magnus L. Quarshie (Ghana) - Vice President (West Africa)
4. Eng. Fred Rwihunda (Rwanda) - Vice President (Eastern Africa)
5. Eng. Francis Happi(Cameroon) - Vice President (Central Africa)
6. Eng. Martin Manuhwa(Zimbabwe) -Vice President (Southern Africa)
7. Dr. Martin van Veelen(South Africa) - Immediate Past President
8. Mr. Bernard Ordams (Nigeria) - Executive Director

We thank you for visiting our Website.

Engr. Mustafa B. Shehu, FNSE, FSESN
Federation of African Engineering Organizations.


To serve humanity through the use of best practiced technology. To represent the engineering profession in Africa, internationally.


The FAEO is recognized by international organisations as the overall leader of the engineering profession in Africa and sets out to apply engineering for the benefit of makind.