GIACC-Tunisia and WFEO Committee on Anti-corruption seminar celebrating World Anti-Corruption Day

The Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC)-Tunisia, WFEO Committee on Anti-corruption and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)-Tunisia are organizing on 9th of December, at 8:00 am CET, the seminar “Towards new measurement approaches” to celebrate the Anti-corruption International Day, where simultaneous translations will be available.

The seminar is planned as full day event. The two-morning sessions will be conducted in the plenary style and will gather around 150 participants, whereas the afternoon session will take the form of a focus group comprised of 25 seniors officials and foreign guests. The focus group will address the impact of irrelevant anti-corruption strategies on management as well as societal dimension of misleading measurement approaches.

As indicated in the agenda available here, there will be presentations of experts from Canada, USA , Nigeria and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The seminar will focus on the different approaches in measuring corruption and highlight the gap between indicators based on perception and indicators based on corruption reality.

The Statement on the World Anti-Corruption Day by the WFEO Committee on Anti Corruption (CAC) Chair Papias Kazawadi will be published during the seminar.

WFEO Past President Kamel Ayadi will present the findings of a comprehensive study he carried out over the past months.

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