A committee of the presidency of the government will be formed, on the instruction of the head of government, Hichem Mechichi, and charged with negotiating with the Tunisian Order of Engineers (OIT) concerning the specific increase granted to civil service engineers, in accordance with the ‘September 5, 2019 agreement, ILO President Kamel Sahnoun told TAP Agency.
“At the end of December 2020, will be the last deadline for negotiations,” added the official, who met with the head of government on Thursday in the presence of an ILO delegation.
This interview comes following the strike observed on October 27, 2020, by engineers working in public institutions and establishments.
According to Sahnoun, the meeting with the head of government made it possible to discuss several issues including the minimum wage for engineers in the private sector, the recruitment of specialist engineers within the various institutions and the revision of the laws governing the activity of the offices. studies.
It was also a question of returning to the benchmark requirements of public contracts, to guarantee the participation of Tunisian engineering firms and companies in the studies and construction work of major national and international projects.
The interview also highlighted the need to speed up the adoption of the draft statute governing the engineering profession and the institution of a code of ethics in addition to updating article 96. of the penal code for professional misconduct and also the provisions concerning preventive suspensions.
Engineers working in public establishments and institutions had observed a strike, from Monday November 30 to Wednesday December 2, 2020, to demand the specific increase, enjoyed by their colleagues in the public service as part of the September 5 agreement. 2019.