What we are



Achieving the AU Agenda 2063 through Engineering Excellence for Sustainable Development to Achieve the Africa we Want.

The FAEO is an international non-governmental organisation which represents the interests of all engineering practitioners in Africa, most notably at the Wold Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO).

Value Systems for FAEO

FAEO is premised on a value system that is accepted and acknowledged by its members, these include:

Ethics, transparency and professional conduct

Holistic education and training for capacity building

Sustainable development principles for engineering solutions

Respect, Diversity and Inclusivity


The FAEO strategic thrusts are premised on the following:

Professional Thrust

Socio Economic Thrust

Public Thrust

Organisational Thrust


The Objective of the Federation shall be to develop, in the spirit of African unity, direct relationship between its several member organizations on a basis of mutual understanding, so that their activities may be fostered and directed to the greater public good and, in particular:

To establish appropriate standards of engineering education.

To promote the development of standards of professional engineering practice appropriate for the continent and share knowledge on best practice.

To support the advancement of knowledge in critical areas required for development

To promote the adoption of high standards of ethical behaviour.

To build engineering resource capacity in every country

To promote the adoption of appropriate regulatory framework in each country to ensure that only qualified practitioners operate.

To promote the advancement of engineering science and practice and their applications for the benefit of mankind

To provide a focal point for the expression of the professional engineering opinion of its member organizations

To advance the common aims and objectives of its member organizations

To support the work of each member organization in its own territory

To collaborate with other national and international organizations, as it may think fit, to support and supplement their work

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